Black Girls Hack Foundation (BGH Foundation) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing diversity in Cybersecurity. We hope to accomplish this by

Increasing Representation

BGH Foundation’s goal is to increase diversity and representation in the Cyber field. We believe that representation matters and we hope to help increase representation by portraying Black women in Cyber.


BGH Foundation believes that in addition to having the skills, and training to join the cyber field that they need to know what to expect. BGH Foundation is creating a mentoring program to help connect aspiring Cybersecurity professionals to mentors in the field.

Resume review

BGH Foundation is helping aspiring Cybersecurity professionals to get into the field by helping them structure their resumes and represent themselves in the best way to get past the Applicant Tracking Systems and in front of a hiring manager.

Volunteer Coordinator

BGH has several volunteer positions and a lot of expressed interest for volunteers so it would be great if you’ve got experience or an interest in doing this.

Friday Night Labs

BGH Foundation wants to continue to operate the Friday Night Labs program so that it’s members can get hands on lab experience.
CEH Study Group Security+ Study Group

BGH Cloud Labs (Virtualization Program )

One of the barriers for entry for cybersecurity professionals is not being able to create a home lab or a virtual lab due to the high costs of operating in the cloud and the resource intensiveness of home lab virtualization setups. To help reduce the barriers to entry into Cyber BGH Foundation is creating BGH Cloud Labs a program to help create a cloud lab that will allow students to participate in lab exercises that will provide them with hands on skills to help aid their entry into cybersecurity.

Board and Executive Leadership

BGH Foundation has 5 vacant Board seats and several open executive leadership positions. Positions require submission of a resume, Non Disclosure Agreement, a minimum 1 year commitment and approval by the existing Board of Directors.

Educational training programs

BGH Foundation believes that there is a high entry level cost to obtaining certification training in the cybersecurity field. To help reduce the overhead associated with getting training for cyber certifications, BGH Foundation is offering free study groups to help get aspiring Cybersecurity professionals ready for industry certifications.

Volunteer With BGH

Help us bring this dream of an inclusive community to life!
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